This is a space for a plural of voices. A plural of sounds and images. Plural of perspectives. Our voices and the voices of others inhabit this space. There is of course a connection between these voices, a reason for bringing them together; a physical and thematic connect.

Baul Fakir Utsav Journals

The Baul Fakir Utsav, held in the first, sometimes second weekend of January every year in our south Kolkata neighbourhood of Jadavpur-Shaktigarh, is a festival a group of friends have been organising since 2006. We are also in that group. The festival journal in Bangla brings to us many ideas expressed in many voices and here we have brought entire journals to our readers; they are connected in many ways to the spirit of our work of The Travelling Archive. There is also a short film on the festival.


Response is about how people have responded to our work of The Travelling Archive so far. But more than just stringing the comments in the Press and from friends, also people we do not personally know, this section opens up roads which can take us in endless directions. Those whose voices we have brought to this page all come from interesting worlds and we have tried to make links with those worlds in this space. So, from one link to another, from one interesting project to another, from an archive to a radio programme to a little school near a lake—a whole wide world can open up for us here, should we choose to embark on this rewarding journey.

Film, Art or Illustration?

We have also brought to this page our own attempts to more creatively engage with our field recordings, connecting with the works of others before and after us. In Film, Art or Illustration?, we are searching for a lineage, a place to belong. Is what we are doing also not part of something larger; are we not one voice among many?


Essay is a requested piece which we are asking from friends who are seriously engaged in related work and from whom we have so much to learn and who are generous enough to share their knowledge with us. Greek music researchers Costis Drygianakis and Yiorgis Sakellariou have a conversation about working in Russia and Lithuania; American sound artist Robert Millis writes about his listening memory of American folk music; and Renee Lulam, an independent researcher from Shillong writes about oral traditions in the Khasi Hills in the northeast of India.


Notice Board

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