Extracts from Khaled Chowdhury's interview. Khaled Chowdhury talks with Moushumi. about the work of the Folk Music and Folklore Research Institute of Calcutta from the 1960s. Also extracts from essays published in the one and only journal of the institute, published in 1967.

Moushumi and Sukanta interview Amy Catlin Jairazbhoy, associate professor of ethnomusicology at UCLA and filmmaker, on her work with her husband, the late Professor Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy, who was a direct student of the Dutch ethnomusicologist, Arnold Bake, at SOAS, and their film on Bake's 1938-39 field trips in South India,Bake Restudy in India, made in 1984.

Arnold Bake's 1932-33 films and audio recordings from Bengal

Soumya Chakravarti account of recording folk singer Anantabala Baishnabi in 1968.

Video extracts from Ruchir Joshi's 1992 film on the bauls, Egaro Mile (Eleven Miles) and his letter about making the film

Debdas Baul on Bhaskar Bhattacharjya, documentary filmmaker, who worked on the bauls.

Surojit Sen writes about his experience of engaging with fakiri songs

Muhammad Ali Ahsan's recordings, আলীর ডাইরি

Mary Frances Dunham's work on jarigan songs.

Raka Banerjee - Songs from the Tea Gardens

Letters from Mainadal


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